• Got fakes?

    Got fakes?

    Student researchers study new ways to detect counterfeit antibiotics using paper millifluidics.

  • Bringing science out of the lab

    Bringing science out of the lab

    Developing paper test cards to test for iodine levels.



Summer 2017 REU Participants



Summer 2016 REU participants

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Summer 2015 REU participants 

Bringing chemistry out of the lab and into the world

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame (UND) are working to develop low cost, robust technologies that could help people in the poorest countries of the world. The methods and instruments developed in these REU projects will help to detect environmental contamination or food adulteration, discover and manage bacterial drug resistance, test pharmaceutical quality, and even diagnose human and animal diseases to impact the lives of people all over the world. 

This NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates site focuses on the application of analytical science and technology in low resource settings--in effect, bringing chemistry out of the lab and into the world.  The program welcomes students with backgrounds in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. 

Program description

Apprenticeship model with hands-on mentoring, technical training, workshops, and development case studies

REU site ran from 2015-2018, but will not be offered in 2019.  

Research program for faculty at 2-year and 4-year colleges

A companion program helps faculty at PUIs develop their own vigorous and intellectually viable research programs in chemical analysis for low-resource settings. We will develop a working group for low-cost chemical analysis over the period of the REU site proposal. The working group will enable participating faculty to share and enlarge access to field testing sites and international collaborators, provide a sounding board for new ideas, and create sustainable new undergraduate research opportunities, both at UND and at the participating PUIs.  


REU students to organize and run symposium at ACS National Meeting in New Orleans March 2018

Analytical chemistry is a powerful tool to identify, characterize, and solve interdisciplinary problems in the global development sector. Leaders in academia, industry, governmental agencies, and the nonprofit sector contribute significantly to overcome challenges in the developing world. Collaboration among these academics and professionals is essential. As REU students in analytical chemistry at the University of Notre Dame, we are organizing a Symposium on Analytical Chemistry in the Developing World at the 2018 spring ACS National Meeting in New Orleans. Our research projects focus on topics such as energy, food, water, and public health. We are interested in inviting top leaders and researchers from across these disciplines to further the discussion about obstacles faced in resource-limited areas.  This event will be a multi-day symposium with sessions on energy, food, water, and public health and a special section of posters in the Analytical poster session.  Scheduling is still being set up, watch this space for more news.  …

Some acceptances are out...

Please hang in there and be patient for a few more days, even if you have not received an acceptance;  sometimes students have other summer plans and we are maintaining a waiting list.…